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How to Print at the Collier Library

Here's a 5 Minute Video that can walk you through the steps below with examples: Printing at the Collier Library

To get started printing at the Collier Library, you will need to first make sure that you have funds on your Lion Loot account.

To put money on your Lion Loot account, visit the Mane Card online webpage and select "Lion Loot Deposit." You can click the link below to navigate to this site. You will need to have at least $1.00 in your account for it to be active. You can add funds online or through the Mane Card kiosk located in the library, across from ITS Help Desk, using cash or card.

Cost of Printing

  • Black and White: $.10 cents per page
  • Color: $.30 cents per page

Once you have money in your Lion Loot, you are likely ready to print. 

Eligible Computers

  • Collier Library Desktops
  • Collier Library Laptops from the Laptop Kiosk

*You cannot print from a personal computer at the Collier Library.

To Print:

  1. Open the Document on your computer or laptop.
  2. Select the Print option.
  3. Select from the Printers in the Drop Down Menu
    1. Collier Library A or B for Black and White Printing
    2. Collier Library Color for Color Printing
  4. Once you select "Print," the GoPrint pop-up window will appear to charge your Lion Loot.
  5. Make sure you click into the box by your document to select it for printing.
  6. Click Print.
  7. Pick up your document from the printers in the Collier Library Computer Lab.

For any issues with printing or if you would like to have an experienced staff or student employee walk you through the process, please come to the Library Help Desk for assistance, located by the front doors.


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