Answered By: James Mitchell
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018     Views: 155

The document scanner is available to the university community free of charge. The document scanner scans documents to PDF format directly to a USB drive. To scan your document:

1. Insert your drive into the USB slot located on the back of the document scanner.

2. The USB button on top of the scanner should light up a few seconds after inserting the USB drive.

3. Place you document into the scanner upside-down with the first page in the back of the feeding tray. (NOTE: The feeding mechanism on this scanner pulls back page first for scanning.)

4. Press the green button on top of the scanner to begin scanning your document.

5. Once the document has been fed through, the USB button will begin to slowly blink for a few seconds. When the scan has successfully saved to your device, the scanner will beep to indicate that the USB drive can be removed.

Additional Notes:

- The scanner is capable of scanning one-sided and two-sided documents automatically. The scanner will not save the second side of a one-sided document (i.e., a blank page).

- The document scanner automatically creates a folder on your device named "BROTHER." You will find all of your document scans in this directory.

- The document scanner can only scan to PDF. To scan to another format, you may use one of our flatbed scanners located in our computer lab.

- By default, the scanner digitizes all documents in color, if the documents contain color.

- If you have issues using the document scanner, please see the Collier Help Desk for assistance.