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To use the lockable charging station, simply:

1 ) Identify a vacant pod that has the power connector matching your phone (Hint: each pod should be labeled with the types of devices or connectors it is capable of charging).

2) Plug the appropriate cable into your phone.

3) Close the pod door.

4) Enter a four-digit PIN on the keypad.

5) Press "Enter." (It's the key that looks like an arrow pointing to the left.)

6) Make a note by taking a picture, documenting, or remembering the pod number where you have placed your phone. Each pod should be labeled with a number (1-6).

6) When you are ready to pick up your phone, enter the four-digit PIN you used initially on the pod where your phone is charging.

7) Press "Enter." The pod should now be unlocked.

8) Unplug and remove your phone.

If you have any issues retrieving your phone, see someone at the Collier Library public desk for assistance.

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